Hangman Pro


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30 categories, more then 3000 levels. Colorful Graphics. 50% OFF for LIMITED TIME!!! Play the classic Hangman game! Guess letters to fill in the missing word – but do it before the hangman meets his demise!. For each incorrect letter guessed, one of the deathly lines gets drawn. Your game is over if the word is not uncovered and the hangman has been completed! Choose from 30 categories ranging from Unusual Sports to Dog Breeds to Film Noir to Las Vegas and 1990s TV Shows. More than 3,000 words are ready to play over three gameplay modes ranging from easy to difficulty. Keep track of your stats to compete against yourself and your friends!• Play the classic game of hangman• Guess over 3000 words in 30 categories• Choose one of three difficulty levels• Keep track of your stats as you play• Compete against your own bests, or that of your friends